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Spanda® Yoga

200-hour Curriculum Overview

You’ll know how to create curriculum and lesson plans for entire series of yoga and yoga-based classes using the sound knowledge of appropriate practice, anatomy, movement analysis, and yoga theory. You’ll understand benefits and contraindications, how to modify, swop-out, and sequence for chosen purposes. You’ll learn about pacing, motivation, and inspiration—for yourself and your students.

  • Vocabulary of Yoga

The “generally do-able by most people” asanas, vinyasas and breathing (pranayama), meditation and relaxation practices are the main focus. Modifications to intensify as well as ease the challenge of the poses, how to dissect a pose according to its function, safe practice, and how to swop-out poses are taught. Hands-on skill in respectful adjustments, yogic cleansing techniques (kriyas), Sanskrit introduction and the use of sound, and basics of movement analysis for healthy movement patterns are included.


  • Teaching Yoga

Our teaching methods courses cover classroom skills like effective communication for various learning styles, conscious group dynamics, developing your own teaching style, course and lesson planning. Included are marketing ideas and legal issues for yoga teachers.


  • Anatomy & Physiology for the Yoga Teacher

Our anatomy segment is tailored for yoga teaching and is presented in a way that allows you to experience concepts, terminology and the “geography” of the human body in a fun, applicable and integrative way. While the focus is on the musculo-skeletal system (including joints and connective tissues), we provide an overview of the physiology of all the body systems, and share insight on the developmental basis of how yoga practices work.


  • Yoga Philosophy

The roots of Spanda® Yoga as well as an introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita are included with an overview of the seven systems of Indian Philosophy. Subtle body anatomy and yoga’s view of the human form will be included as well.


  • Practice Teaching

We’ve heard through the yoga grapevine that the thing missing most from lesser yoga trainings is time spent in the saddle actually honing the chops of teaching. We provide ample supervised and solo practice teaching opportunities that include observation and gentle guidance.  


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