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Spanda® Yoga

300-hour Curriculum Overview

Deepen connection, extend reach, expand ability

With decades of experience in yoga teaching and yoga teacher training, this 300-hour program is rooted in authentic yoga and offers true depth of knowledge and cultivation of ability to refine yoga teaching at all levels. You will able to offer safe, well-tailored private and small group yoga classes, adapt practice for all sorts of limitations, and expand your true understanding of the value, applications, and possibility of authentic yoga science and philosophy.  Western approaches to anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and teaching methods are interwoven with traditional ones. Hands-on guidance, body reading, movement analysis, and practices to advance each teacher’s own insight, capability and intuition are very much a part of the training.

In this training you will gain:

Expertise: Yoga Philosophy, Theory and Application In-depth

  • Study of Yoga Texts with focus on relationship between Yoga, Vedanta and Samaya Tantra

  • Asana as Archetypes of the Body’s Wisdom

  • Yoga Psychology & the Role of Purpose in Health

  • The Vital Force & Subtle Body anatomy

  • Spanda & Tapas: The Dance of Creativity & Discipline

  • Sound: Sanskrit, Mantras & Chants

  • Personalized Meditation Techniques

  • The Myth of Materialism & the Yogic Perspective

Sophistication: Development of Advanced Perceptual & Delivery Skills

  • Observation & Teaching Methods Refinement

  • Developmental Patterns in Body Organization for Postural and Movement Efficiency

  • In-depth Postural & Movement Analysis

  • Informed Alignment Strategies

  • Hands-on Skills

  • Reading & Guidance through the Body Systems & Koshas

  • Purpose & Method in Sequencing Practices

Specialization: Modifications & Specialized Applications

  • Adapting Practices to Individual Needs

  • Specialized Teaching Strategies and Skills

  • Restoratives

  • Lifestyle Principles & Yoga Lifestyle Coaching

  • Yoga for Backcare

  • Yoga for Vibrant Aging

  • Beyond the Western Mind: Expansive Svadhyaya & Meditative Practices

  • Transforming through Life Change: Karma, Will & Grace

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