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Book a Mentorship Session

Booking Instructions
  • Choose Service - Select Mentorship Session

  • Choose Date - Select a Monday or Tuesday AND a time on the hour

  • Choose Your Info - Create New Profile (setmore) and press Continue 

  • Confirm by hitting Book My Appointment (you will receive a confirmation email)

  • If you need to cancel an appoint please give 24 hours notice! See below for instructions.

How to Cancel an Appointment

If you need to cancel an appoint, do so not less that 24 hours ahead of time.

Go to: Go to profile or sign in and then press Continue. Then >Log in > Setmore Login > Enter email and password > Sign in. 

You’ll land on “My Profile” page, close it. At the upper right corner, click on the downward pointing carrot next to the circle icon. Click on “My Schedule” > Pencil icon. From there you can delete your appointment or edit it to reschedule. 

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