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Private Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy

with Dr. Jaime Stover Schmitt


Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy can be useful with any physical, emotional or spiritual issue needing attention. Yoga therapy is also helpful in developing one’s personal yoga practice, or in fine-tuning an existing one. Appointments can be used to learn how to work with an existing limitation, and to self-modify movements, exercise, and life routines to honor one’s capacity.  A yoga therapist is not a medical doctor and so does not diagnose illness, but can work alongside practitioners of other modalities for maximum benefit.


A session may include various yoga practices, lifestyle recommendations, awareness techniques, yoga movements, and alignment work, and recommendations can be given for use at home.

SYMT program graduates may also schedule guidance consultations with Dr. Schmitt by following the directions below.



Post-Covid, Dr. Schmitt is only scheduling appointments over the phone or Zoom. Please email Danielle Leone at: to schedule an appointment or complete the fields below. Thank you!


Initial intake session $150

One hour of Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy $125


One half hour check-in session $55

SYMT Graduate Consultation $108


Make An Appointment
Due to the recent uptick in Covid,
Dr. Schmitts is limiting sessions to online

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