Private Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy

with Dr. Jaime Stover Schmitt


Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy can be useful with any physical, emotional or spiritual issue needing attention. Yoga therapy is also helpful in developing one’s personal yoga practice, or in fine-tuning an existing one. Appointments can be used to learn how to work with an existing limitation, and to self-modify movements, exercise, and life routines to honor one’s capacity.  A yoga therapist is not a medical doctor and so does not diagnose illness, but can work alongside practitioners of other modalities for maximum benefit.


A session may include various yoga practices, lifestyle recommendations, awareness techniques, yoga movements, and alignment work, and recommendations can be given for use at home.



Due to COVID-19, Dr. Schmitt is only available over the phone or Zoom until further notice. Please email Danielle Leone at: to schedule an appointment or complete the fields below. Thank you!


  • Initial intake session $150


  • One hour of Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy $125


  • One half hour check-in session $55


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