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Competency Area One: Foundation in Yoga Science & Philosophy

Spanda® Yoga Therapy

Course Tracks Under Areas of Competency


Course Tracks Under This Competency:

  • The Roots of Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy

  • Yoga Psychology & the Mind

  • Always Becoming: A Yogic View of Health, Disease & Healing


Competency Area Two: Biomedical and Psychological Foundations


Course Tracks Under This Competency:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology for the Yoga Therapist

  • Body in Motion: Movement, Action & Force Analysis

  • Understanding Western Allopathic Pathology & Methods of Treatment

  • Topics in Western Psychology for the Practice of Yoga Therapy

  • At the Center of the Circles: Social & Developmental Influences on the Whole Person


Competency Area Three: Teaching & Therapeutic Skills​


Course Tracks Under This Competency:

  • Interaction and Guidance Skills in Therapeutics & Specialized Teaching

  • Teaching Methodology: Appropriate Methods, Applications & Adaptations


Competency Area Four: Yoga Therapy Tools & Applications​


Course Tracks Under This Competency:

  • Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy Vocabulary of Practice

  • Application of Practices, Principles & Methods of Delivery


Competency Area Five: Professional Practice


Course Tracks Under This Competency:

  • Professional Issues: Ethics, Regulations, Co-care, Scope & Other Topics 


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