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Spanda® Yoga Classes

What is Spanda® Yoga?

In Spanda®Yoga, essential yoga principles are drawn from a deep knowledge base of classical yoga science and philosophy, then rendered accessible through modern methods of transmission that are not culturally or religiously bound. This systematic approach allows individuals to investigate their own responses to yoga practice from within a context that integrates eastern and western approaches to human potential. The tradition from which Spanda® Yoga is derived draws upon the complementarities between Yoga (the practical application of Samkhya), Vedanta, and the overlay between Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism.

Spanda® Yoga teachers are trained at the 200-hour and 500-hour levels and eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance at both levels. Look for Spanda Yoga classes in your area!
Dr. Schmitt teaches a number of therapeutically-oriented and general classes by invitation only. To see if you qualify, please email Danielle Leone at Thank you!
Dr. Schmitt’s currently public classes are listed below.

Upcoming Public Classes with Dr. Schmitt

Please see the Princeton Adult School website at:

Support the flow of life within your body . . .

This is a general class, everyone is welcome! Spanda® Yoga is a systematic authentic yoga practice engineered to carefully warm and open the body, protect the joints, and attend to the breath. This class is perfect for those with some experience, new to yoga, or wishing to review the basics of good technique. We'll cover both yoga poses and movements with attention to alignment, breath-coordination, and core support. Wear loose, non-binding clothing. Bring a yoga mat and possibly a blanket.

Spanda® Yoga Therapeutics for Back Care

7:30-9pm Tuesdays online

See the Princeton Adult School website:

Registration opens in September and January. Call the Princeton Adult School at 609-683-1101 or visit their website for more information.

This class will focus on yoga postures and movements that enhance the health of the back and spine. You’ll learn how to do safe effective practices to safely warm up, relieve back and neck tension, strengthen core muscles to support posture and dynamic alignment, and increase range of motion for better movement efficiency and pain relief. We’ll also take a cursory look at common back pain, The pace of the class will allow you to remain tuned in to how your back feels as you care for any injuries or issues. All are welcome – whether you have back pain or just want to prevent it! 


Bring yoga mat AND a yoga blanket or thick, foldable blanket to class.

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