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10 Things at the Heart of

Spanda® Fusion

Respect for self, others, and Mother Nature. Implicit in this is humane respect for the uniqueness of every individual. We each have our own challenges, physique, history and inner genius to guide us. In a collective, this respectful regard results in dignifying inclusive community that celebrates the marvelously profuse diversity of life.
Positive relational environments for classes, events, and learning. We foster non-judgmental, supportive, open-minded, accepting action and clear communication that encourages bonding over defending.
Movement as a crucial element in physical vitality that, in turn, provides elevated awareness of aliveness at all levels of being. This includes awareness of the micro-macrocosmic relationships apparent to vitalized awareness and openness to the possibility of the Divinity within.
Yoga Vidya. The Sanskrit word vidya means, “science”, “knowledge”, and “philosophy”. Yoga Vidya is the means to yoga’s goal: Transcendence. As the bedrock of Spanda®, all is grounded fully in authentic yoga, the practice of which leads to its goal, however expressed—flowering of consciousness, joyful true nature, Self-actualization, union, heaven. Name it however you like.
Authenticity both in terms of personal honesty, and yogically, in terms or sharing accurate yogic teachings, no matter whether embedded in modern exercise methods or traditional practices.
Music! It’s implicit universality to inspire, motivate, support movement, and enrapture in feeling. Diverse musical expressions are purposefully chosen—from the brilliance of Bach to the natural song of birds outside—to celebrate the creative spark of life through its many forms. Using myriad musical styles and renderings reflects in sound Spanda® Fusion’s inclusiveness and joyful reveling in the universal value of non-denigrating expression.
Play, humor, fun, enjoyment. A yogi, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar...
Creative freedom for expressive forming that involves experimentation and exploration—whether physical, mental, logical, imagistic, musical, or otherwise.
Skillfulness in action, a definition of yoga in the Bhagavad Gita, produces excellence as the starting point, as far as humanly possible, in every single thing. This includes clarity in communication that encourages bonding over defending.
Enlightening experiences that foster insight, understanding, and self-navigation in individual personal growth.
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