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Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy now offers

a transfer path to IAYT accredited yoga therapist certification

for qualified students with RYT500 status


If you are certified to teach yoga at the 500-hour level or have commensurate experience and background, you are eligible for advanced placement in our IAYT accredited professional yoga therapist training program
Email: for more information!
Or call: 609-474-6006
Our next Bridge Program is November 7-12, 2019
at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA

To start the transfer process:

1. Submit the advanced placement application.

2. Send an email to with:

      a. a copy of your RYT 200 and RYT 300 certificates or RTY500 certificate 

      b. a request for a preliminary phone consultation.


You then fill out and return the Spanda® Transfer Credit Evaluation Tool. 


Once evaluated, you’ll be contacted to discuss transfer status. 

Credits may be accepted in full, conditionally, or are denied if content does not adequately match foundation year curricula.

Please email: to find out if you qualify. You could get credit for an entire year's worth of training! 


More information and our full transfer policy.

Why choose Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy 

Professional Yoga Therapist Training at the Himalayan Institute?

As a Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist you’ll be able to elegantly design and sensitively implement therapeutic strategies that meet the challenges of being human. Our 800-hour IAYT accredited program provides substantial depth of knowledge and breadth of skill.

Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy is:


  • Comprehensive. Coursework is tailored to cover both eastern and western models of health, disease and healing at the functional, structural, mental-psychological, energetic and spiritual levels. Practical application arises from a well-articulated vocabulary of practice grounded in clinical use for the past forty years.


  • Integrative. Each aspect of your training is presented with the whole in mind and is carefully orchestrated to interweave your continuously deepening levels of knowledge, understanding and proficiency.


  • Visionary. You’ll have opportunity to develop reliable observation skills using multiple channels of perception that mature sensitivities befitting yogic adepts. Graduates are prepared to co-create the future of yoga therapy with integrity, imagination and wisdom.  


  • Rooted in Authentic Yoga. This training arises out of the Samaya Sri Vidya lineage (a layered compliment of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra) and complementary expertise in the lineage of Kundalini Vidya.


  • Informed by Western Medicine. Grounding in western biomedical research and practice gives you the ability to understand client’s concerns through the eyes of this perspective in order to seamlessly integrate your work with mainstream healthcare providers.


  • Taught by Clinically Experienced Experts. Every member of our unparalleled faculty is an expert with at least one decade—most with several decades—of therapeutic experience in their field. Our faculty consists of yogis whose lives have been devoted to alleviating others’ suffering through yogic methods.


Vedic inquiry defines things by stating what they are not. Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy . . .  


. . . is not a hodgepodge of workshops of potentially contradictory “yoga for…” segments by sundry presenters


. . . is not offered by yoga teachers with little-to-no clinical experience


. . . is not based on a smattering of popularist yoga practices that lack depth


. . . is not one-size-fits-all protocols for diseases.


Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy is focused on developing each yoga therapist’s skill, insight, and knowledge in addressing the unique pattern of concerns of individuals who find their way into this sacred relationship.


General Overview


The program is delivered through a series of progressive on-site modules accompanied by distance learning support. Click Course Tracks below to see our courses under each competency area. Our comprehensive, integrative  high-level program will enable you to work with practically any human condition. .


Dates, Location & Tuition

Upcoming Bridge & Advanced Training Dates

This 800-hour professional yoga therapist training takes place in residential modules at The Himalayan Institute, located just outside Honesdale, PA. Homework, yoga therapy mentored practicum sessions, and longer term projects take place between residential segments to support progress. Live group classes also take place over the Internet scheduled at 2 to 3 week intervals.


HI Transfer Bridge Programs 

These programs are held annually at the Himalayan Institute in northeastern Pennsylvania

The Bridge Program consists of a five full-day intensive focused on the unique elements of this approach to ensure you are ready to enter the advanced coursework. Preparatory study is required for this program. Depending on your past education, you may be required to do other study in order to join to full program. The transfer application process will determine this.

The next available scheduled Bridge Program will be held: November 7-12, 2019.

The next scheduled advanced modules to complete the training after this Bridge Program are:

Module Four

December 6 -15, 2019

More clinically oriented coursework takes the lead in these three advanced modules as you study Western Psychology and Western Pathophysiology in courses designed solely for the needs of the practicing yoga therapist. You also deep your understanding of anatomy as we work hands-on and instructionally with common yoga injuries, and common physical mis-alignments, mis-use issues, and ailments. Interaction and guidance skills are explored as mentored practicum continues.


Module Five

May 15 -24, 2020

Integration of all you have learned takes the lead as you refine knowledge, understanding and skill in working with each unique client's Body in Motion, and design and apply therapeutic methods for most common ailments and conditions. The focus is on competence and confidence during observation and discussion during and after grand rounds. Establishing rapport, safety, deep listening, and attunement and engagement skills are refined throughout the onsite mentored practicum as well as mentored practicum in one's home community.


Module Six

December 4 -13, 2020

In this final module you demonstrate your mastery of high level refinement and proficiency in working with individuals from in-take to conclusion using all your clinical skills and course knowledge. Professional issues concerning healthcare codes, scope of practice, regulation, co-care, professional networking, best business practices and more prepare you for practice. 

Completion of all course content earns enrollees certification as a professional Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist from our International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Accredited School, making grduates eligible for the C-IAYT certified yoga therapist credential.


This course takes place on the beautiful 400-acre campus of the Himalayan Institute, nestled in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Its picturesque views, scenic hiking trails, contemplative atmosphere, and peaceful natural setting support focus and integration of coursework. 


109 guest rooms are available with a range of single, double, deluxe, and apartment-sized accommodations. Three fresh, nutritionally and ayurvedically balanced vegetarian meals are served daily, and the Sacred Grove Café has beverages and snacks with plenty of delicious vegan and gluten-free options, with free wifi.

The PureRejuv Wellness Center offers various types of massage, chiropractic treatments, biofeedback, and one-on-one consultations with its integrative medical staff. A dedicated meditation hall (The Sri Vidya Shrine) is open for meditation practice to program participants at various times throughout the day.


SYMT Transfer Bridge Program

The Bridge Program for all qualified transfer students takes place at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The regular tuition for this program is $800. Accepted applicants who enroll to the program by May 1, 2019 receive a $100 tuition discount. Accommodations at the Himalayan Institute are a separate cost.

Two books are required to complete homework for the Bridge Program at a cost of approximately $30. Space is limited!  

SYMT Advanced Program


The advanced year takes place over 13 months with homework, live distance learning classes and mentored practicum taking place between 10-day modules on site at the Himalayan Institute. Tuition for the SYMT Advanced Program is as follows:

Early:  $7950  ($2,650 per module) if deposit for the each module is received as indicated below:

Module 1: by 8/30/19, Module 2: by 2/15/20, and Module 3: by 9/4/20.

Regular$8,700 ($2,900 per module) when deposit is received after the early due dates above for each module’s start date.

Payment plans are available. Please contact us for details. Space is very limited.


Send us a message!