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Due to the COVID-19 situation, we will begin this program in Spring of 2021 online. While we await IAYTs ruling on how this may unfold, if you’re interested please fill out the inquiry fields below and well keep you posted. Thank you!

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As a Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist you’ll be able to elegantly design and sensitively implement therapeutic strategies that meet the challenges of being human. Our 800-hour IAYT accredited program provides substantial depth of knowledge and breadth of skill.

Why choose Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy 

Professional Yoga Therapist Training at the Himalayan Institute?

Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy is:


  • Comprehensive. Coursework is tailored to cover both eastern and western models of health, disease and healing at the functional, structural, mental-psychological, energetic and spiritual levels. Practical application arises from a well-articulated vocabulary of practice grounded in clinical use for the past forty years.


  • Integrative. Each aspect of your training is presented with the whole in mind and is carefully orchestrated to interweave your continuously deepening levels of knowledge, understanding and proficiency.


  • Visionary. You’ll have opportunity to develop reliable observation skills using multiple channels of perception that mature sensitivities befitting yogic adepts. Graduates are prepared to co-create the future of yoga therapy with integrity, imagination and wisdom.  


  • Rooted in Authentic Yoga. This training arises out of the Samaya Sri Vidya lineage (a layered compliment of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra) and complementary expertise in the lineage of Kundalini Vidya.


  • Informed by Western Medicine. Grounding in western biomedical research and practice gives you the ability to understand client’s concerns through the eyes of this perspective in order to seamlessly integrate your work with mainstream healthcare providers.


  • Taught by Clinically Experienced Experts. Every member of our unparalleled faculty is an expert with at least one decade—most with several decades—of therapeutic experience in their field. Our faculty consists of yogis whose lives have been devoted to alleviating others’ suffering through yogic methods.


Vedic inquiry defines things by stating what they are not. Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy . . .  


. . . is not a hodgepodge of workshops of potentially contradictory “yoga for…” segments by sundry presenters


. . . is not offered by yoga teachers with little-to-no clinical experience


. . . is not based on a smattering of popularist yoga practices that lack depth


. . . is not one-size-fits-all protocols for diseases.


Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy is focused on developing each yoga therapist’s skill, insight, and knowledge in addressing the unique pattern of concerns of individuals who find their way into this sacred relationship.


General Overview


The program is delivered through a series of progressive on-site modules with home study and interactive online work and guidance sessions between modules.  Click Course Tracks below to see our courses under each competency area. Our comprehensive, integrative  high-level program will enable you to work with practically any human condition. 


Who Should Apply?


Consider applying if you wish to:


  1. Become expert in applying authentic systematic yoga methods and practices to effectively facilitate health and the evolution of consciousness of others

  2. Develop your perceptual adeptness, interpersonal skill, and sensitive instructional ability

  3. Provide therapeutically-oriented group classes and individual sessions with confidence and skill

  4. Advance your understanding of how yoga works


Note: We understand many individuals have acquired significant yoga and complementary training outside of participating with the registry of Yoga Alliance. That is why our prerequisite for entrance is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered training or its equivalent. If you are unsure as to whether your background meets our entrance standards, please contact us by email at:


How to Apply


Click below for a guide on how to apply and what happens afterward.


Dates, Locations & Tuition

The program is presented in six residential modules, with homework assigned between all modules and it is as well delivered through online lectures, teacher-hosted Zoom group discussions, and through Zoom or phone, mentorship sessions. Practicum hours take place in trainees’ home communities and are mentored in person and through Zoom meetings. 

The program takes place at the Himalayan Institute’s 400-acre campus located at 952 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale, PA 18431. 109 guest rooms are available with a range of single, double, deluxe, and apartment-sized accommodations. Three nutritionally and ayurvedically balanced vegetarian meals are served daily. A dedicated meditation hall (The Sri Vidya Shrine) is open for meditation practice to program participants at various times throughout the day.

The program is delivered in defined cohorts that move through the program as a community of peers. The program is begun in Module One and trainees progress through the subsequent modules until graduation. 



Module One: January 15-24, 2021

Module One focuses on the foundations of how yoga works to heal and vitalize, cleanse and balance each person in a perfectly tailored way. The roots of this remarkable tradition, yoga psychology and the mind, and observing and working with the body in stillness and motion are begun. Yoga tools and teaching is addressed as it will be throughout the course. We also orient toward and begin the fascinating study of anatomy from an experiential perspective that covers both knowledge of “what and where”, and terminology along with the embodied wisdom of exploration of anatomical understanding that deeply and richly informs the practice and application of yoga techniques.


Module Two: May 14-23, 2021

The first module courses are continued through homework and online work between sessions and with more experiential anatomy, observational and analytic skills in biomechanics and movement analysis. Yoga's view of health versus disease and the process of healing is further explored including such factors such as diet, environment, stress, trauma, constitution, mental habits, and more - presented from a holistic context. Teaching skills are further defined and explored.

Module Three: September 17-26, 2021

Refinement of teaching methods enabling work with specialty groups comes to the fore, as well as professional issues of working as a yoga therapist. We continue and deepen into experiential and modern anatomy and integrate this understanding into working with the physical structure and dynamic patterning of movement as it functions in the activities od daily living and in yoga practice.

Module Four: December 10-19, 2021

More clinically oriented coursework takes the lead in these next three advanced modules as the focus turns toward clinical documentation, guidance and interaction skills and application of yoga tools. Anatomical understanding of common yoga injuries, and common physical mis-alignments, mis-use issues, and ailments is addresses as are more in-depth perspectives that integrate all aspects of the process of yoga therapy as a wellness and healing modality.

Module Five: May 13-22, 2022

Integration of learning continues as we deepen into western perspectives on pathophysiology and mental health. Understanding and skill in working with each unique client progresses. Design and application of therapeutic methods for most common ailments and conditions is further explored. The focus is on competence and confidence. Establishing rapport, safety, deep listening, and attunement and engagement skills are refined throughout the course content presentations, group work and collective discussion, mentorship and other means of engagement.


Module Six: October 7-16, 2022

In this final module western psychology and its relation to the inner aspects of yoga’s ancient teachings are understood. Demonstration of mastery in working with individuals and small single concern therapeutic groups - from in-take to conclusion - using all clinical skills and course knowledge is achieved. Review and integration of the major themes and skills from the various courses takes place, and do refining assessments as therapists graduate and take their places in this new field of yoga therapy!


Because we do not have the restrictions of university semesters and other formatting concerns, and can design for what we consider optimal learning, this program is taught through progressive learning that continues along several course tracks. The classes include lecture, discussion, and experiences that constantly integrate material as it is presented. Here are the course tracks under the IAYT Educational Standards Competency Areas. 

Competency Area One: Yoga Foundations

Course Tracks Under This Competency:

1. The Roots of Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy

2. Yoga Psychology & the Mind

3. Always Becoming: A Yogic View of Health, Disease & Healing

Competency Area Two: Biomedical and Psychological Foundations

Course Tracks Under This Competency:

4. Human Anatomy & Physiology for the Yoga Therapist

5. Body in Motion: Movement, Action & Force Analysis

6. Understanding Western Allopathic Pathology & Methods of Treatment

7. Topics in Western Psychology for the Practice of Yoga Therapy

8. At the Center of the Circles: Social & Developmental Influences on the Whole Person

Competency Area Three: Yoga Therapy Tools & Therapeutic Skills

Course Tracks Under This Competency:

9. Interaction and Guidance Skills in Therapeutics & Specialized Teaching

10. Teaching Methodology: Appropriate Methods, Applications & Adaptations

11. Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy Vocabulary of Practice

Competency Area Four: Practicum

Course Tracks Under This Competency:

12. Application of Practices, Principles & Methods of Delivery

Competency Area Five: Professional Practice

Course Track Under This Competency:

13. Professional Issues

Completion of all six modules earns enrollees certification as a professional Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist from an International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Accredited School.

This will go to online training until further notice from IAYT. 


This course takes place on the beautiful 400-acre campus of the Himalayan Institute, nestled in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Its picturesque views, scenic hiking trails, contemplative atmosphere, and peaceful natural setting support focus and integration of coursework. 


109 guest rooms are available with a range of single, double, deluxe, and apartment-sized accommodations. Three fresh, nutritionally and ayurvedically balanced vegetarian meals are served daily, and the Sacred Grove Café has beverages and snacks with plenty of delicious vegan and gluten-free options, with free wifi.

The PureRejuv Wellness Center offers various types of massage, chiropractic treatments, biofeedback, and one-on-one consultations with its integrative medical staff. A dedicated meditation hall (The Sri Vidya Shrine) is open for meditation practice to program participants at various times throughout the day.

Tuition May Change According to online or blended IAYT decision


We intentionally keep our cohorts small so each person gets all they need in the way of contact and guidance. This in turn means we have limited space and fill up quickly.


Foundation (first three modules)

Extra Early:  $4299  ($1,433 per module) if enrollment and deposit are in for the first module by June 15, 2020, and deposit is received by three months prior to each module's start date.

Early:  $4650  ($1,550 per module) if enrollment and deposit are in for first Module by October 1, 2020, and deposit is received by three months prior to each module's start date.

Regular:  $5550  ($1,850 per module)

Your deposit reserves your space. Space is limited. Payment plans are available. Contact us for details.

Advanced (last three modules plus included mentored practicum)
Early:  $7950  ($2,650 per module) if deposit is received before three months prior to each module’s start date.

Regular: $8,700 ($2,900 per module) when deposit is received in less than 90 days before the module’s start date.

Payment plans are available. Space is limited. Contact us for details. 

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