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Spanda® Yoga

300-hour Curriculum Overview

Deepen connection, extend reach, expand ability

Rooted in authentic yoga and informed by western medicine, this special 300-hour teacher training is a credential in itself.

Its content counts fully toward professional level yoga therapist certification through IAYT (C-IAYT). 

Deepen and expand your knowledge of and skill in:

  • Yoga's origins and philosophy

  • How and why yoga heals and supports optimum health at all levels of being 

  • Ayurvedic basics including healing as personal evolution and restoratives for modern living

  • Anatomy east and west and working with alignment and efficient bodily use

  • Hands-on guidance, body reading, and movement analysts skills

  • How to prevent common yoga injuries

  • Designing private sessions and group yoga classes for special needs

  • Specialized teaching strategies and skills

  • Self-care while caring for others

  • Professional issues

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