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Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy

Spanda® Yoga Classes


Spanda® Yoga is a systematic authentic yoga practice engineered to carefully warm and open the body, protect the joints, and attend to the breath. Using both postures (asana) and breath coordinated yoga-movements (classical vinyasa) class supports the rivers of life with each of us.

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga therapy is the aspect of yoga science that focuses in on specific human impediments. These may take form as any aspect of our human condition: a physical symptom, emotional mood, behavioral habit, or mental quandary. Yoga’s all-encompassing breadth and depth allows its application to act holistically within each of us. It can restore dynamic balance, relieve pain and alleviate symptoms, redirect or even dissolve tendencies, or prevent illness from taking hold, according to each person's unique circumstances.

Spanda® Fusion

As a multi-dimensional exercise class, Spanda® Fusion unites essential elements of authentic yoga, cardio training, dance alignment and core strength in an enlivened, transformative movement experience. Participants gain in overall functional fitness in an environment free from judgment and comparison. Spanda® Fusion teachers skillfully attend to safe practice while respectfully extending a playful invitation to each and every individual, excepting them exactly as they are!

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