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DROP DOWN BOX POSSIBILITIES: Spanda® is a powerful, enrapturing immersion in breath, movement, music and fun that can result in phenomenal physical, psychological and spiritual benefits! 


A multi-dimensional exercise class, Spanda® brings together yogic principles, dynamic alignment, cardio core training in an enlivened, transformative movement experience. 


Spanda® invites each person to revel in enlivening movement and music, and to enjoy its health-giving effect!


Spanda® is a powerful, enrapturing immersion in breath, movement, and music that produces phenomenal physical, mental, psychological, and even spiritual benefits/result! A multi-dimensional exercise class, Spanda® unites elements of yoga, cardio, dance, alignment and core training in an enlivened movement experience. Participants gain in overall functional fitness that includes aerobic conditioning, whole body toning, alignment, breath, and core support.


Each class begins with warm-up, stretch and practice movements and ends with a cool down and centering stretch. The main section features easy-to-learn movement patterns designed to optimize total fitness through natural movements that provide endurance, strength and flexibility training.


Throughout class, Spanda® teachers offer ways to refine alignment and enhance movement efficiency that create an upward spiral of advancement in training. As in authentic yoga, dance and sports coaching, attention is directed to specific ways of thinking about, visualizing, and engaging the body in efficient training movement. While the movements build stamina, tone, and maximize caloric output, the body itself becomes “smarter!”


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Spanda® is for everyone! Because the teaching is about movement, and movement is everyone’s native language, people of any age, fitness level, movement background, or couch potato status enjoy the fun and freedom of its natural rhythmic movements. Spanda®’s non-competitive, supportive class environment encourages everyone—from those hesitant to join a group class, to dance and fitness professionals—to let go of thinking, judgment and comparison. Spanda® invites each person to revel in enlivening movement and music, and to enjoy its health-giving effect!


Spanda® Essentials can be adopted to serve specialized populations (groups of individuals with a delimiting commonality), such as those recovering from an injury, in wheel chairs, of a particular age and gender, or other features. For instance, it can be of great benefit to teenagers, and is also easily modified for the enjoyable benefit of older adults. It’s great endurance training for dancers who often find stamina their weakest link. And athletes of all ilks find it a fun and helpful cross training alternative.


“Steps” (or designed steps called Movement Elements) used in class can be as basic as needed for those not versed in, or particularly comfortable with, dance or complex movement. So even those who proclaim, “I can’t dance!” may enter the movement stream of Spanda® classes.

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Spanda® features universal movement fundamentals found in traditional health cultures around the globe. And it is grounded in yoga philosophy and practice principles that create a classroom culture that takes exercise to a new level.

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Spanda® has:

  • three-dimensional, universal, multi-cultural, inspirational movement

  • a great workout with universal movement technique that translates into any activity

  • authentic yogic principles that deepen physical and mental awareness

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10 Things at the Beating Heart of Spanda®


  • Respect for self, others, and Mother Nature. Implicit in this is humane respect for the uniqueness of every individual. This respectful regard results in dignifying inclusive community that celebrates the marvelously profuse diversity of life.

  • Positive relational environments. We foster non-judgmental, supportive, open-minded, accepting action and clear communication that encourages bonding over defending.

  • Movement, a crucial element in physical vitality in turn provides elevated awareness of aliveness at all levels of being.

  • Yoga Vidya. The Sanskrit word vidya means “knowledge.” As the bedrock of Spanda®, all is grounded fully in authentic yoga, leading to its goal—flowering of consciousness, joyful true nature, Self-actualization, union, heaven. Name it however you like.

  • Authenticity both in terms of personal honesty, and yogically, in terms or sharing accurate yogic teachings, no matter whether embedded in modern exercise methods or traditional practices.

  • Music to inspire, motivate, support movement, and enrapture in feeling. Diverse musical expressions are chosen to celebrate the creative spark of life through its many forms.

  •  Play, humor, fun, enjoyment. A yogi, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar . . .

  • Creative freedom that involves experimentation and exploration—whether physical, mental, logical, imagistic, musical, or otherwise.

  • Skillfulness in action, a definition of yoga in the Bhagavad Gita, produces excellence as the starting point, and as far as humanly possible, in every single thing.

  •  Enlightening experiences that foster insight, understanding, and self-navigation in individualized personal growth.




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